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Happy New Year! 

I had a wonderful Christmas break with my family, filled with too many sweets, lots of late nights and sleeping in, movies, and games. It was so nice to take a break from our normal routines of school, homework, after-school activities, and…well, responsibilities! But 2020 is here and though my calendar is not looking like a “fresh slate” by any means, a new year holds promise for new opportunities. 

To get myself motivated (I’ve felt awfully lazy lately, especially with these dark gray, cold Pacific Northwest days), I’m reminding myself of what has worked for me in the past. Check out my latest blog post to find out what's helping me get to work! Maybe these will inspire you to get moving and creating too? 

Music and Memory 

I love learning how music impacts our brains in tangible ways. A few years ago an article was published on Big Think that describes a study revealing this finding: "...music can sometimes actually lift people out of the Alzheimer's haze and bring them back to (at least a semblance of) normality... if only for a short while." The study found that music prompted people to not only recall musical memories, but also non-musical memories, for a short time. Below is a video giving a glimpse of this.

Around the Web 

What do musicians do all day? Frances Wilson attempts to draw a picture of some of the realities of how musicians spend their time. 

The 5 Minute Trick to Stop Procrastination 

Pianist and practice coach Erica Ann Sipes reveals a look into her "musical mid-life crisis" and shares how she overcame her own personal roadblocks to make music again. 

Pianist magazine reveals Top Crazy Piano Moments of the Decade 

Upcoming Concerts 

February 22-23 - Kirkland Choral Society "True Colors" concerts, Bastyr U 
April 2 - LMC Public Concert Series, Seattle Art Museum 12pm 
April 18 - Kirkland Choral Society "Beethoven's 50th," Benaroya Hall 
May 13 - LMC Public Concert Series, Seattle Public Library, 12pm

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