The Best Pedal Extender

One of the best investments I have ever made for my piano studio has been my pedal extender

best pedal extender

If you are not familiar with what that is, it is a wooden box with springs that connect your piano's pedals with the pedals on the box, so that when a young student sits down at the piano, he can rest his feet comfortably on the box while playing. Why is this important?

Playing the piano is so much more than pushing keys down on a keyboard. Unlike typing, which requires minimal use of the arm and hand, playing the piano requires arm weight. This arm weight can only be accomplished with proper posture, and proper posture is only accomplished when the body is appropriately balanced on the piano bench, with feet flat on the floor (or on a wooden box, stool, or pedal extender). A student whose legs dangle off the bench is not sufficiently grounded, and he needs the stability that the pedal extender provides. 

In a pinch, a small stepstool will suffice, but if you can afford it, a pedal extender is a nice addition to the studio or home music room. Plus, what young student can resist the draw of the pedals to add some color and pizzazz to their pieces?! 

My particular model is made by CPS Imports. I have had it for over ten years, and it has held up wonderfully - from my three daughters who stood on it as toddlers, to my current piano students who use it during lessons. The company has since upgraded and now offer a 3-pedal model. You can find a walnut-finished extender here and an ebony black extender here.

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