Groundhog Day

My husband dreads the concept of Groundhog Day. Not the day - the 1993 movie in which Bill Murray wakes up every day to find it is February 2nd...again. The movie is actually quite funny - but isn't it true that the things we find funny have a bit of truth in them? Who wants to live a life of sameness? Maybe I should rephrase that: What musician, or creative artist, could happily face a life of doing the same thing over and over again?

I was thinking about that the other morning as I drove my kids to school.There is a place in the road where we go over a rise and the tree line opens up, always drawing my attention to the sky. This particular morningĀ held nothing spectacular, just a line of fluffy clouds tinged with the softest pink - such beauty that would change and disappear as the sun came up. I often notice clouds on my commutes, and like to point them out to my children - the shapes and textures and colors are always changing in the sky. It made me think - what an incredibly creative God we have, who, just like us, does not appreciate, or even settle, for a Groundhog Day. Yes, the Bible says He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, but even in His sameness He is creating new sky-pictures for us every day. It's no wonder that so many of us desire to create, to experience or bring about newness and beauty. The One who paints the sky has left His mark on us.

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