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Recording Trials 

I’ve been sitting down at the piano quite a bit lately trying to find good mic configurations for recording my piano in my living room (actually, we call it "The Piano Room.” I have a Zoom H4n recorder that I have used successfully to record our live house concerts. It is a wonderful device that I can listen to in “real time” with headphones, adjusting the recording volume as I play. It is a whole different ballgame, however, trying to use it for a studio piano recording. To round out the sound, I am…

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What Can I Play? 

I just read a great article about having pieces "at the ready" to play. It spells out my experience as a classical pianist so well - the tendency to consider time at the piano as work; constantly working to get music up to performance level before performing it and moving on in favor something new. When I am continually learning new pieces, it is easy to feel as if I have nothing to play. Mastery happens just before performance and then gives way to the challenge of learning new music. Yet Andrew Eales…Read more

Groundhog Day 

My husband dreads the concept of Groundhog Day. Not the day - the 1993 movie in which Bill Murray wakes up every day to find it is February 2nd...again. The movie is actually quite funny - but isn't it true that the things we find funny have a bit of truth in them? Who wants to live a life of sameness? Maybe I should rephrase that: What musician, or creative artist, could happily face a life of doing the same thing over and over again?

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New Year, New Project 

There is a longing in me, deep down, to write. I want to share ideas, encourage, inspire, console, comfort, love...through my words. I aim to do this with my piano playing, too, and I think that at times the music is far more effective than any word I might speak with my mouth.

I want to do better at both this year - playing and speaking my words. So once again, after a long respite, I return to this blog, hoping something I write might "speak" to you.

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