INDIE MUSIKHAUS: House concerts

Indie Musikhaus was born in 2012 out of a need for musical community. I had dreamt of hosting musical "salons" in my home for years, and when a variety of circumstances collided (new home, new babies, new church, dissolving of a beloved choir), it seemed the time was ripe. We began with a simple piano recital featuring myself on solo piano and my dad joining me on some duets, and have grown to include former musical colleagues, new musical friends, and friends of friends.

At our concerts, we explore classical, jazz, gospel, and musical theater styles, with music by living composers and "the Masters." We usually have several artists showcase solo and collaborative work. Sometimes we include a little storytelling, duets and trios, string instruments and voices. We may even do a little "audience participation" with percussion instruments and/or singing! If you would like to attend, or be considered as a performer at one of our concerts, check out our website. A sampling of our music and more information can be found at