Music Notes

A Brave New World

Does that phrase inspire dread in you as you recall Aldous Huxley’s eerily relevant book of the same title? Or does it conjure up Disney-esque images of a princess and faux prince riding a magic carpet to a soaring soundtrack?…

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Benediction of God in Solitude

Where does this peace come from, O my God?

Where does this faith come from, with which my heart overflows?

To me who just now, uncertain, agitated,
And on the waves of doubt with every tossed wind,
Was looking for…

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Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas is coming! With Thanksgiving being early this year, it seems as if we have been in a long season of anticipation, and with it came the annual assault on Christmas. I am not talking about attempts…

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Fall News from Cori Belle

Happy Fall Y'all!

My October is packed with volleyball games, fall school events, and music! I am enjoying my new piano students, and am looking forward to performing at a private house concert tomorrow and a Hispanic Heritage Concert a…

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August News from Cori Belle

Happy “New” Year!

As summer draws to a close, those of us with school-age children gear up for a new year. Stores have been anticipating this for the last two months, displaying school supplies just a week or two after…

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July News from Cori Belle

Happy 4th of July!

As we celebrate the birth of our country, it is a great time to reflect on the many freedoms we enjoy because of the sacrifices of so many men and women who came before us. 


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