Piano Studio

Learning to play the piano does not happen overnight, but that doesn't mean it can’t be fun and musically rewarding along the way!

I offer a combination of individual and group lessons throughout the year so students can learn at their own pace while also enjoying enriching and rewarding musical experiences with others. 

Individual lessons focus on the classical piano repertoire, technique, sight reading and theory. Students are also welcome to work on music from other genres they find interesting, such as sacred, jazz, musical theater, and pop. 

Group lessons focus on diving deeper into music theory and music history concepts in a fun, interactive and collaborative setting. Group lessons also offer the opportunity for students to play for each other in a welcoming, no-pressure, celebratory setting.

Lessons are offered weekdays between 9am and 2pm from September-May. Students come once a week for a 30- or 45-minute solo lesson. Four to six weeks per year, students will have a 60-minute group lesson in lieu of the weekly solo lesson. (Note: Offerings may vary slightly from year to year.)

Tuition is an annual fee divided into 9 monthly equal payments (or 2 semester payments) whether there are 2 or 5 lessons in that month. It includes all fees for registration, materials, recitals, etc.

For more information on what to expect from lessons, detailed tuition information, and expectations for student practice, please see my Studio Policy

30-minute lessons

Tuition: $156/month

Lessons are based on developing basic piano technique and foundational music skills, presented in a fun, approachable format. 

45-minute lessons

tuition: $227/month

This lesson format is designed for older beginners, intermediate  players, or students looking to make quicker progress.

summer 2024

camp or lessons?

Choose your own adventure: a fun piano camp, lessons in July, or both! 

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