Fall News from Cori Belle

Making Things 

Hello! The last two months have been busy on the "creative front" for me. Although not exclusively in music, I have been busy making things! Last month my dad and I worked on our annual Advent devotional booklet. He writes the content and I do the graphic design and layout. This is a Christmas gift to our church congregation, and gives people a way to meditate on different aspects of Christmas. This year's booklet has as its theme the signs and symbols of Christmas.  

My girls have likewise been busy crafting, and the four of us worked together to produce a website "market" of our creations! My oldest has taken the bulk of the work of crafting, photographing, writing descriptions, and listing items. It has been a fun learning experience for her. 

Not to neglect music...Just recently I wrapped up a final recording session for our virtual choir's Christmas concert. I am excited to be a part of this beautiful production, recorded in individual members' homes and compiled by my friend and interim music director, Seiko Werts. It will premier on YouTube, and I will give you more information about it soon! 

A Virtual Choir Project 

Last month the choir that I accompany, Kirkland Choral Society, released its first ever virtual choir project. The song is "O Love," composed by Elaine Hagenberg and based on a hymn by George Matheson. I wrote about this piece earlier this year here, as it was a song that we performed live in February. The text and the musical setting complement each other so well, I know you will be moved once again by its beauty.



Around the Web 

Another local choir, Cora Voce, presents a wonderful program of music on YouTube called "Stars Tonight." 

Musicians around the world are grappling with the realities of cancelled concerts and questions about whether to "rethink, reskill, reboot" or just "hang on" until life returns to normal. Susan Tomes ruminates on the age-old question of whether being a musician constitutes a "real" job. 

What do a hammer, a wine glass, and a piano have to do with each other? 

Upcoming Concerts 

December 2020    "At Home with KCS," a virtual Christmas concert. Date TBA.


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