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Happy Fall Y'all!

My October is packed with volleyball games, fall school events, and music! I am enjoying my new piano students, and am looking forward to performing at a private house concert tomorrow and a Hispanic Heritage Concert a week from Saturday. I am sure you are also finding it hard to find much "down time" but I hope you will squeeze some time in to enjoy music, either in person at a concert, or listening on a commute or lunch break. There are several worthwhile links at the bottom of this newsletter that I hope will inspire you in your own creative pursuits!

Hispanic Heritage Concert 10/14

This is music that could only have been written by a "man of Latin America," as he liked to call himself. He does more than utilize folk-melodies; he creates his own brand of "imaginary folklore," definitely influenced by what Kodály and Bartok achieved with their use of Hungarian folk-material. The sounds of the South American plains are part of his color world: the "night" sounds, the Latin dance rhythms--all contribute to Ginastera's personal musical language. The gaucho (the Argentine cowboy) becomes the mythical hero, and we can see and hear him dancing the malambo--a virile dance where one gaucho tries to outdo the other by showing off his difficult dance steps. 

- Barbara Nissman, https://www.barbaranissman.com/remembering-ginastera

Alberto Ginastera is just one of several featured composers in this October's Hispanic Heritage Concert, part of the newly formed Snohomish Concert Series. On October 14th, soprano Elizabeth Galafa Ylaya and classical guitarist Eli Schille-Hudson will join me in presenting the wonderful music of Latin America. Tickets are available now!




How a Piano is Made

I am a sucker for videos that show how a piano is made, and the following tells the story of the Mason & Hamlin pianos. We had one such piano in the practice rooms when I was in college, and it was a wonderful instrument. The craftsmanship that goes into each individual piano is inspiring.


Around the Web

This fascinating hour-long interview discusses the evolution of the piano concerto and highlights a cool new piano concerto by Teddy Abrams.

Check out this list of 50 of the greatest classical pianists on record, complete with listening examples.

The BBC looks into the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's study exploring the desire of audiences to "modernize" classical concerts. Good idea or terrible idea?

A brief look at the world through the eyes of a child...or of any creative artist?!

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