Note Reading Games

After you have introduced note names, it is time to practice! Flashcards are a good start, but how about a new game with a SURPRISE element?

Staff Explosion is a brand new game that helps you teach and review note names in the order YOU choose. Do you like to start with landmark notes and their neighbors? Just print those cards! Do you like to teach FACE, All Cows Eat Grass, or other acronyms? Print the space or line notes that your student is working on and play with those cards. Ready for ledger lines? It’s got those, too!

beginner note name piano game on staff

I played this game in my Piano Party (a.k.a. Group Lesson) this month with mixed ages, and they loved it! We focused on just the bass clef notes this time, and by the end of the game the students were becoming more automatic in their recognition of note names!

This digital download comes with all kinds of goodies: 48 line and space note cards, 7 staff EXPLOSION cards, and even 7 letter name cards if you want to have students begin with “A, B, C, D, E, F, or G” and find the notes’ positions on the staff without any visual help!

I have also included a BONUS game called Lines and Spaces that uses the same cards, but different game boards. In Lines and Spaces, students have to complete words using the musical alphabet. They will think it great fun to spell words like “cabbage” and “beef”!

beginner note name piano game on staff

You will receive all materials for both games, including instructions and a hint for faster play with Lines and Spaces. The games come in PDF form as a digital download, and you can reproduce the materials as many times as you want for your personal studio use.

Here is the link to get yours! Let me know how you use it in your studio!

Happy music-making!


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